Benny, Lester & Friends is an up-and-coming webcomic with low meaning and no symbolism. Updated weekly.

Sunday, August 17


BENEDICT THEOPHILUS CANNIS III: Your average wolf, with muscles as big as his heart. Belonging to the prestigious Cannis pack, Benny is obliged to work as an Ovine Officer, where he arrests delinquent sheep and directs them to his father's rehabilitation centre, instead of keeping them for himself. Frequently grapples with his conscience.

LESTER LUPESCU: Former lone wolf with a shady past; now Benny's housemate and confidante, with a penchant for French cigarettes and whiskey. Participates in illegal sheep trading when he isn't reclining on his chaise lounge, but is always willing to lend Benny a paw.

SERGEANT CANNIS: Benny's father, whose life is dedicated to socialising miscreant sheep. A stern, dutiful military wolf with high hopes for his son. Favours traditional methods like marching, singing and organising campfires, and has re-homed over 50,000 lost sheep to date.

SHERMAN THE SHEEPDOG: Sherman is an affable sheepdog who loves his job and adores his friends! He enjoys team sports, visiting his psychiatrist and the occasional pint of beer. Also moonlights in a respectable, well-lit club to supplement his income.

DR. JANE FOXX: A stunning vixen with multiple university degrees. Appointed to medically examine sheep before Lester dispatches them to the black market. Flirtatious and vivacious, she can be found chatting up a storm in the wolves' den, but is nonetheless distrusted due to racist issues.


jonkwok said...

I couldn't help noticing that Benedict Theophilus is an interesting name, combinging two famous characters in Christianity. Of course, Pope Benedict XVI, but Theophilus is the dude that St. Luke writes his Gospel and Acts of the Apostles to. I don't know if this is deliberate on your part, to have this dude named after Christian heroes "struggle with his conscience"

Des said...

Jonkwok: That is an interesting observation you have made. If we are ever lucky enough to be interviewed, I will repeat your conjecture and pass it off as my own.